U.S. Supreme Court to hear arguments on same- sex marriage

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)- Arguments are set to begin Tuesday, April 28th in what could be a landmark United States Supreme Court case. The highest court in the land will hear oral argument to state bans on same-sex marriage and consider whether every state in the country should be compelled to allow same sex marriages. The nine justices are considering three cases consolidated into one. The cases question whether the 14th Amendment requires states to grant and recognize same-sex marriages.

The U.S. Supreme Court heard similar arguments two years ago and ruled that same-sex couples who were already legally married did indeed have the right to receive federal benefits. However, the court did not clear up some fundamental, constitutional questions surrounding the 14th Amendment and “equal protection” under the law.

This is a decision some feel should be left to voters.

“It is the people through the democratic process where this issue has always been decided, or is it the courts. And its the position of the states that the people get to decide,” says former Michigan Attorney General, John Bursch.

Same-sex marriage is legal in Illinois and in parts of Missouri, including Kansas City and St. Louis. While Missouri is not part of the case, the impact will be felt as the Missouri Supreme Court has a separate legal battle over gay marriages pending.