Couple reflects on being ushers for the Cardinals

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – When fans flock to Busch Stadium it is, to see the players. They are our heroes, the ones who get us on our feet. But standing far from the dugout is a husband and wife team who get little praise despite years of service with the Cardinals.  Linda and Bob Funk are Ushers.  They say they do it not for the team but the fans.

"My first game was in 1947 so I`m a great Cardinals` fan and over the years I have worked as an usher.  I`ve seen so many great people and I`ve become a fan of the fans,' said Bob Funk.

They two have been ushers at Busch Stadium for 15 years, always working together.  For the last seven they have been manning the doors outside the UMB Champions club.  Their boss Donta Wade says when it comes to their jobs they are all-star employees.

"I can always count on them and depend on them.  They are very honest with me; they are very open with me. We`ve been working together for so long we`ve developed a family relationship, they are like parents to me know...” said Donta Wade, manager of the Champions Club.

They are so dependable that Linda and Bob have only missed a handful of games in their 15 years with the Cardinals and that was because Linda was battling ovarian cancer.

"I sat out a couple of chemo`s that was it.. I`ve made ever other game.  So in 15 years that`s the only time I`ve missed games, I missed 5," said Linda Funk.

So just how long do they plan to be on the Cardinals' usher roster?

"I told somebody who wanted my job, I`ve got 34 more years and I`ll be 100.  So when I`m 100 they can have my job," said Linda.

"She claims she`s going to be here until she`s 100 so I guess I`ll be right in front of her or behind her I`m not sure which." said Bob.