South city man’s investment into video security system catches burglar in the act

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - High tech crime fighting in South St. Louis where one resident comes to the aid of a neighbor who was burglarized.  The man who recently installed security cameras is Howard Barcliff Jr.  Barcliff said, “If someone walks up on your front porch and they see a camera staring them in the face they might think twice.”

Barcliff purchased the security system after someone stole his truck, which has since been recovered. Damages to the vehicle and towing cost Barcliff $2,000.  Barcliff added, “You’re furious and you have no idea what to do so basically you have to protect yourself the best you can.”  He spent $500 on the cameras and this weekend it all paid off. He said, “Well worth the investment.”

Mansur Bajric lives across the street from Barcliff.  His home was burglarized Saturday night. Bajric said, “You feel a little bit terrified just violated you know.”

Mansur Bajric lives with his wife and two sons.  Surveillance video showed what happened while they were gone Saturday night. A man approaches the home; he breaks into a side window and ransacks the master bedroom.  Minutes later he leaves with Mansur’s safe, inside a gun, another stolen gun on the streets of St. Louis.  Bajric said, “They could be running around right now with my gun robbing people or shooting people.”

Police told the victims they will return sometime this week to pick up the video and look for other evidence. The suspect is believed to be about six feet tall, wearing gray pants with a gray hooded sweatshirt and white tennis shoes.

The fear still grips Mansur’s children. They’ve been sleeping in their parents’ bedroom ever since the crime happened.