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Jefferson County man found okay in Nepal after quake; Washington University student OK

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HIGH RIDGE, MO (KPLR)- A High Ridge family is relieved that a loved one has been found okay after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal Saturday, destroying homes and buildings and killing thousands.

James Patrick Myers is in an area near Pokhara, west of the quake’s epicenter. He was watching the Blues-Wild Stanley Cup Playoff hockey game online Friday, his mother Christine told FOX2 Saturday night.  He’s been in the region for months, first teaching in Thailand, then hiking through the Himalayas, with the goal of heading for southern India.

Christine Myers said she had been in touch with several government agencies since the quake and posted her son’s information on a Google People Finder site dedicated to the quake.

Christine Myers was grateful that her son wasn’t in one of the of the harder-hit regions.

The Greater St. Louis Nepali Chautari, an organization that brings Nepalese in the area together locally, released a statement after the quake that read in part:

“We urge all Nepal related organizations, our local community, GSTLNC members, all individuals who are of Nepali origin, related to Nepali by marriage, adoption or birth, or individuals demonstrating sincere interest in Nepal and Nepali people and our friends to stay with Nepalese people to join all rescue efforts and all kind of logistic supports for those who are affected and threatened by natural disaster in Nepal. Water, food and fuel are now urgent need to be supplied. We are also coordinating with other Nepali organizations in US to collect donation through single mechanism and send it back home through proper channel to go directly to the victims.

On behalf of GSTLNC Executive body as well as all GSTLNC members we send our message of deepest sympathy to our Country and people and affirm our moral supports and join their all efforts to support affected people in this hard time of disaster.”

Washington University Impact

The school confirmed that one student was studying abroad in Nepal this semester, but is safe and accounted for and is sheltering in place for the time being.

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