Convicted felon sworn in as school board member

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KPLR) – Michael Feinstein is now officially a member of the Wentzville School Board.  He and one other newly elected board member were sworn in Tuesday night.

Feinstein was the top vote-getter of all Wentzville School Board candidates.  His election prompted an outcry from some residents questioning how a convicted felon could be allowed to serve on a school board.  Feinstein was convicted in Iowa on charges related to stealing approximately $100,000 from a medical fund he helped operate.

Feinstein was sworn in Tuesday without objection.  District officials have said he meets all the requirements for serving on the board.  Missouri law allows felons from other states to serve as long as they complete their probation.

Feinstein’s past did not come up during Tuesday’s special board meeting.  After the meeting we asked him about how he addresses concerns some parents have.  He said the best way to win over skeptics will be to do what’s right for the district.

“I will work faithfully within the rules of the board to honor their trust and make decisions based on what’s in the best interest of educating students, helping the teachers and administrators carry out the mission of the district, and doing it in a fiscally responsible way,” said Feinstein.

He said he preferred to talk about his election instead of his past.

“Lots of people make mistakes.  It’s not how you fall down.  It’s what you do when you get back up,” Feinstein said.

He said he decided to run for the school board because he felt the district had challenges that need to be addressed, including classroom overcrowding and budget issues.​