You Decide 2015: Changes in Ferguson

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR)- Voter turn out was bigger than normal as three new city council members were voted into office in Ferguson. Voter turnout was about 30 percent. That`s double the normal turnout and two more black people were elected the city council.

In Ferguson Ward 1, Ella Jones won the seat with 50 percent of the vote over three other candidates. She decided to run for office before the unrest in Ferguson began. In ward 2, Brian Fletcher won with 58 percent of the vote over Robert Hudgins. Both men are white but Hudgins has been a frequent protester throughout the unrest.

Finally in Ward 3, Wesley Bell grabbed the seat by a two-to- one margin.

Election day was a rainy day but it didn`t stop people from coming to the polls. Typically Ward 3 has had the lowest voter turnout in Ferguson but according to Wesley Bell, the ward set a record for voter turnout.

All of the newly elected council members call the election a victory for Ferguson.

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