Mother of St. Ann inmate upset over ‘accidental release’

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ST. ANN, MO (KPLR) - Angela West is upset because she says her 18-year-old son, Tony, was supposed to be taught a lesson and released Monday night from the St. Ann Jail after a domestic dispute at home.

Instead, St. Ann police released 32-year-old Jemayle Johnson by mistake. Johnson posed as West and walked out of the jail with the teen’s Hollister shirt, Rock jeans, and collector pair of Air Jordan sneakers. West also claims her son was falsely accused of helping Johnson, a man he had never met until that night.

"My son is 5’6”, 153 pounds, my complexion, no tattoos on the face or gold teeth. How do you mistake him for a 32-year-old man that looks like he’s 40 is beyond me," West said.

St. Ann police released the following statement, owning up to the mistake:

"We would like to apologize for releasing the shoes, pants and shirt to Jemayle Johnson when he was mistakenly released from our custody. We also want to speak to Mr. West to make it right."

Officials also plan to review and tighten up their security and booking procedures. At this point, all West wants is an apology in person and the possessions that belong to her son.

"He works for a living and he needs his things replaced and they need to do better with how they releasing people," she said.

Meanwhile, Johnson is facing new charges of escape, forgery, and theft. He already had three warrants on file.

Jemayle Johnson.

Jemayle Johnson.

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