Areas south of St. Louis pounded by powerful storms

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Strong storms packed lots of damaging weather south of St. Louis Wednesday afternoon.

In Bonne Terre, the sound of pounding hail could be heard as it slammed into many rooftops. Lightning bolts scrambled across darkened skies, followed by loud booms of thunder. Heavy rain turned creeks into raging rivers.

Just outside Park Hills, a creek jumped out of its bank in a trailer park. It was a frightening, even for residents.

“Oh yeah, it’s dangerous; I’ve seen kids get off the school bus and try to travel across it and I’ve had to stop them,” said trailer park resident Robert Stubbs. “It’s just unreal. (The trailer) needs to have some work or something done to it.”

Down Highway 8 in Mineral Point, the Harbison Saw Mill sustained heavy damage. A building that protected much of the equipment was destroyed. Nine people work there. But because of technical problems, the businesses closed early so only one employee was there when the storm hit. He took cover in a small building and was not injured.

“This just made my stomach sink,” said Sheila Marler, saw mill manager. “I know the guys who work here. They need this they need this job here”

Marler doubts a tornado did all the damage. She believes strong winds were the problem. She’s hopeful they can make repairs to the 20-year-old business and open very soon and make sure the employees keep getting a paycheck.

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