Thrills and chills on the set of Salem

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) –    There are thrills and chills in season two of Salem, and some townsfolk are seeing red.

“I kind of see this journey of season two as changing and going from Gandalf in Lord of the Rings from Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White,” says Seth Gabel who plays Cotton Maher.  “But can you really do that without facing your own evil.”

“Do you look at your characters as good versus evil?” asks Patrick Clark.
“I think like in life, nobody is ever one thing,” says Shane West who plays John Alden.

“Well we got Lucy Lawless this year who is going to pose the biggest threat to Mary Sibley`s character and we have Stuart Townsend who is a romantic rival for Mary`s affections,” says Brannon Braga, Co-creator.

“There are not necessarily a good character and an evil character,” says Ashley Madekwe.  “I think that`s what makes the show interesting.

“Lots of shades of grey?” asks Clark.
“Yeah,” says Madekwe.

“They`re living in the grey areas,” says Lucy Lawless who plays Countess Palatine Ingrid von Marburg.  “I think my character has made her choice.  She doesn`t do grey too much.”

“I think at the beginning of the first season Mary had like a small amount of humanity is still there,” says Janet Montgomery who plays Mary Sibley.  “But it wasn`t visible until John came back.  Throughout the whole season he was just chipping away at her.”

“Mary has an enormous capacity for love where as the Countess kind of threw that out with the bath water long ago,” jokes Lawless.

“So it`s just revenge,” asks Clark.
“Yeah,” nods Lawless.  .

And revenge is a dish best served cold?

“Oh I`m an enigma wrapped in a riddle,” laughs Lawless.  “You cannot know me, don`t even try.”

“They try to do good but sometimes evil happens in the name of good,” says Gabel.  “I think they`re human.  No human is all good or bad.  The interesting thing about Salem is that every bad character has a very interesting reason for doing what they`re doing.  And every good character has some very human flaws.”

So in Salem it`s not all black and white.

“Who said I was a witch?” asks Tamzin Merchant who plays Anne Hale.  “Did you hear that?”

“Social media,” laughs Clark.

“I think both of us have the quality of they`re just kind of unstoppable,” says Iddo Goldberg who plays Isaac Walton.  “They just don`t know when to sit down and call it a day.”

“We all got to watch the first episode of the second season and it`s just bigger, darker, and stranger,” adds Elise Eberle who plays Mercy Lewis

“Epic,” says Goldberg.  “It`s weird.

I was creeped out,” says Clark.

“Oh, well that`s what we needed,” says Eberle.

On the set of Salem outside Shreveport, Louisiana, Patrick Clark Fox 2 News.