Teens destroy kitchen while trying to make homemade donuts

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ST. PETERS, MO (KTVI) – Two St. Peters sisters are lucky to be alive after a fire and explosion at their home.

When firefighters arrived at the house in the 400 block of Quiet Drive at about 10pm Thursday night, they discovered a thirteen-year-old girl and her fourteen-year-old sister had been trying to cook donuts on the kitchen stove.

Investigators say the older teen filled a pot with vegetable oil and turned it on. When it started to boil, she lifted the lid to cook the donuts and it burst into flames. The teen panicked and threw water into the pot and it exploded.

She and her sister grabbed their two dogs, ran out of the house, and called 911 on a cell phone. The older teen suffered minor burns on her left hand. The thirteen year old was not hurt. While their home suffered major damage, it was not destroyed.

Firefighters say they are glad the situation wasn’t a lot worse. They say instead of throwing water on the fire, the girl should have put the lid back on the pot, turned off the stove and let the oil cool.