New season of Salem starts Sunday on WGN America

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SHREVEPORT, LA (KPLR) – There`s trouble brewing on season two of Salem, and a witch war is about to start on this set.

'Apparently I`ve taken a time machine to 1692,' says Patrick Clark. 'But I can give you an exclusive set visit to Salem.'

Welcome to Massachusetts via the Deep South.

We`re outside Shreveport, Louisiana on the set of WGN America`s hit show Salem.

'At night it can be very creepy,' says Shane West. 'It`s very dark out there. When it`s lit up with the torches and when the coyotes are howling.'

'The natural elements,' adds Ashley Madekwe. 'There are actual coyotes.'

'There`s weather here but it`s right for our show,' says Brannon Braga, Co-Creator.

'It`s good for our show. It rains, it snows. The lightning storms aren`t very much fun and we came out and there wasn`t anything here but the topography was right. It`s what Salem looked like.'

The real life puritan village from the 17th century has been painstakingly recreated by a team of craftsmen and women.

Speaking of craft, there`s a lot of witchcraft in this new season.

'You know whole worlds are built entirely in green screen and I think that`s really great that that`s not what`s happened here,' says Adam Simon, Co-creator. 'This town was built and has a weight and reality to it. And given that we`re making many unreal things happen, I think that`s helped by the fact that it`s grounded in wood that can really give you a splinter.'

Don`t forget witches who can give you a splitting headache.

'It`s always so exciting to get dressed and to walk down there,' says Iddo Goldberg.

'It`s such a big space that you get in and can get lost in there.'

If you get lost in Salem, leave a trail of bread crumbs, so you know which way is which...when the witch war begins.

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