Ground crew at Busch Stadium busy converting field for soccer match

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - A soccer field looks nothing like a baseball field, so crews at Busch Stadium began the hard work of converting the field to a soccer pitch Tuesday.

Truck loads of sod were hauled in from Colorado to fill the infield cutouts. It`s the same grass from the same farm that was used the last time the playing surface was overhauled here at Busch for soccer.

After removing a little bit of the infield dirt, crews then laid down a plastic barrier before rolling the sod into place.

Cardinals Director of Operations Joe Abernathy says the work is worth it for an event of this caliber and that his team will have no trouble getting ready for opening day.

To give you an idea of the layout, one goal will be here on the third baseline, the other will be up against the Cardinals bullpen.

They are expecting a big crowd for the U.S. Women vs. New Zealand soccer match on Saturday, April 4 at 2:30pm. Organizers say they are expecting a crowd of around 35,000.

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