Tools for Teachers Recipient- Sam Lakey

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)- Sam Lakey, Adaptive PE Teacher from Mehlville School District wins the $500 award. Mr. Lakey is one of two educators who created, organized, and run B.R.O.S. (Boys Running Onward to Success) at Point Elementary School.  B.R.O.S. is a 3rd through 5th grade running club at Point Elementary to help young men grow and develop fundamental life skills through the activity of running.  B.R.O.S. is a program that works side-by-side with the national female organization of G.O.T.R. (Girls on the Run).

The current curriculum meets six times in the spring and in the fall with activities that promote the participant's strength, endurance, and overall wellness. The group then has the chance to run in the G.O.T.R. 5k road race to celebrate their development, success and new friendships.

The B.R.O.S. mission is to motivate young men through running to gain self-confidence, to build healthy relationships, develop character, diffuse culture, and to live an active lifestyle.

He was nominated by Suzi Ruth, one of the parents of his students.

"Sam has had a major impact on my son and our family. My son was diagnosed with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 2.  Sam provided a special invitation to my son to join B.R.O.S. which opened the doors to my son's love of running.  He's also been my son, Aiden's, running buddy for the G.O.T.R. 5k races held in downtown St. Louis.  To date, they've buddied-up to run in 3 races and my son has finished in the top 5% of all participating runners, the most recent race being November 2014.

Sam is an incredibly energetic, enthusiastic, caring and supportive Adaptive PE teacher. He deserves to be recognized for his dedication to co-creating the B.R.O.S. program for the elementary school boys -- and for going above and beyond to include and be a mentor to my son and be a friend to our family.  Please consider Sam Lakey for the next Tools for Teachers award!"

Mr. Sam Lakey received $500.00 from sponsored by Weber Chevrolet (

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