Over 2,000 layoffs in Granite City after US Steel idles operations

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KTVI) – US Steel is temporarily idling operations in Granite City.  Now,  layoff notices are going to 2,080 employees at the facility.

The company is consolidating  steel making operations throughout North America to match customer demands, according to a release from US Steel.

These notices are separate from the notices related to the permanent shutdown of Granite City Works’ coke making facility.

The company will continue to operate its steel making operations in Alabama, Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

USW International Vice President Tom Conway issued this statement:

US. Steel’s announcement this morning is a result of the continuing effect of a surge of unfairly traded, record-level imports.

These imports are landing at a time when the energy pipe and tubular business in oil and gas exploration has been cut in half and crude oil prices remain depressed. Despite a tariff placed on these imports from Korea, this material continues to ship into the United States.

The union and a number of companies are exploring their best options for challenging the imports but the U.S. system of trade is fundamentally broken and requires this kind of demonstration of injury to our workforce and communities before effective trade action takes place. America needs an overhaul of its trade laws. Not new ones doing more of the same.

Hopefully the market can recover during the period of coverage of the WARN notice and these steps are then not necessary but the notice is designed to give ample notice to the workforce of an impending layoff.

Representatives from the USW and steel industry are testifying before the house steel caucus hearing this week bringing this story to the country’s lawmakers.

We are closely watching this as well as other cutbacks throughout the company and industry and using the tools in out labor agreements to mitigate and minimize the impact on steelworkers and their families.