Scammers rob Elderly couple in Gillespie

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GILLESPIE, IL (KPLR) - Gillespie, Illinois police are looking for two men who are preying on elderly folks. In this case an elderly couple was robbed of hundreds of dollars Wednesday morning.  Scott Brady is the victims’ neighbor.  Brady said, “It just makes me sick.”

Police said it happened on Maple Street. Two men approached a couple offering to repair their gutters. When it came time to pay, they were unknowingly robbed.  Gillespie Police Chief Jared Depoppe said, “We believe one of them was distracting the couple by writing out a bill the other individual entered the home and retrieved some cash the couple had hidden.”

What started out as a fifty dollar charge ended up as a several hundred dollar rip off.

The victims declined to be interviewed on camera but their neighbors are speaking out on their behalf.

Norma Halteman said, “I think it’s terrible because they’re lovely people.” Her husband John Halteman said, “That’s not fair. The guy that does that just don’t deserve to be around he’ll do it again tomorrow.”

The suspects may have singled out the victims because of a sticker that was on their door. It’s used to alert paramedics about residents and their health problems.  It can also let thieves discover the homes of older people.  Brady said, “Neighbor says: you just can’t trust anybody today if you don’t personally know them don’t trust them until you’ve seen legitimate identification or something like that just don’t open your door to people you don’t know.”

The police chief said he’d be glad to send and officer to a resident’s home if a person is unsure of someone who shows up at your front door.

The description of the two suspects is limited. One is a white male 55 to 60 years old with a missing lower tooth. The other is in his twenties and maybe Hispanic.  The suspects were in a newer red truck with wood slats on the side.

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