Mayor of Ferguson vows not to resign

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) - Mayor James Knowles sat down with FOX 2's Mandy Murphey to discuss his future with the city of Ferguson.  He says he will not resign despite efforts to have him ousted in a recall election.  Knowles says now that the city doesn't have a city manager, police chief, city clerk or judge it is more important than ever that he see the city through the huge changes.  He says his mission is reform and moving the city forward.  He said if the citizens want to remove him, they have that ability and he will respect what the process reveals. The mayor says the recall effort is a big distraction for both the city council and him.

The mayor doesn't have any control over the police department or the courts.  It's a part time job that pays $350 a month before taxes.  The mayor's position is mainly one of community development but many perceive him as having more governmental control.  Knowles plans to meet with the Department of Justice in the next few weeks to come up with a settlement to their report citing racial bias.  He plans to have a plan in place to meet the demands and get something signed and in motion.  He says it has to be something the city can financially afford and the citizens can live with.

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