Ferguson residents react to arrest of suspect in shooting of 2 police officers

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FERGUSON, MO (KPLR) - Swift reaction in Ferguson to news of an arrest in the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson.

FOX 2 talked to people in front of the Ferguson Police Department Sunday at a pro police rally to show their support for law enforcement.

Some officers came out and shook hands with folks in the crowd to show their appreciation.

People we interviewed expressed relief at the news of the arrest, saying what they want is fairness for everyone protestors as well as police.

Across Ferguson at Greater St. Mark Family Church that's been the scene of many protest related activities and relief.

Rev. Tommy Pierson who’s been involved in the protest movement from the beginning said "I cannot think of anything that would justify shooting at police officers". He added "I'm glad to know that there was an arrest made".

Others told me the shooting had cast a pall over the protest movement, a pall they hoped would now lift in the wake of the arrest.