Abandoned dog led’s rescuers to mother and puppies

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DALLAS, TX – Two Texas animal rescuers saved ten small puppies and their mother– abandoned in a cold park.

But the rescuers say they could not have done it with a hero dog.

Joel Thomas has the story.

For weeks, this dog eluded animal rescuers trying to help abandoned animals in a south Dallas park.

But, Tuesday night he greeted the would-be rescuers with incessant.

(Marina Tarashevsce/animal rescuer) “He’s never acted like that before and I was worried that maybe he was sick or something that happened to him.”

(John miller/dog behaviorist) “I told her, I bet you he’s trying to get you to follow him.”

(John miller/dog behaviorist) “every time we got closer he would go away and bark at us saying keep coming. Keep coming my way. ”

The dog led them into very dense woods.

(John Miller/dog behaviorist) “we get about half way to the trail and we hear ewe, ewe, eww.  And I said, puppies! We have puppies!”

(Marina Tarashevsce/animal rescuer) “somehow we found them and in a burnt out tree right by the creek in the mud, just mom and babies and it’s pitch black and it’s so difficult to get there.”

Ten shivering puppies, an exhausted mom and the dog they call hero are now safe and warm.

(John miller/dog behaviorist) “he led us there. He took us to the puppies. That is exactly what he was trying to do.”

(Marina Tarashevsce/animal rescuer) “this story is absolutely amazing.”

(John miller/dog behaviorist) “I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve heard about stuff like this but it was awesome to witness it.”

(Marina Tarashevsce/animal rescuer) “it really is a miracle.”

The animal rescue group hopes to find homes for the puppies once they’re weened from their mother.