How Schweich’s death affects 2016 Missouri governor’s race

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-A day after breaking his silence about the events surrounding Missouri state auditor Tom Schweich’s suicide, Missouri Republican Party Chairman John Hancock was back in the FOX 2 studios. He was joined by Michael Kelley for a taping of Hancock and Kelley.

Hancock and Kelley canceled their show for the past two weeks, but were back to tape this weekend’s program on Friday. And John Hancock once again addressed the alleged whisper campaign about Tom Schweich’s religion.

“For me, to be falsely accused of something through the context of a political campaign where I was running for chairman of the party, I spent three months dealing with this”

This is the alleged whisper campaign that some people say Hancock was orchestrating. Falsely telling people that state auditor Tom Schweich was Jewish. In the two weeks since Schweich’s suicide, no one has come forward offering proof of the whisper campaign and much is still unknown about why he chose to end his life.

But what is clear is that Hancock is not resigning as Republican Party Chairman and the race for Missouri governor in 2016 while drastically different, is moving forward.

“I think right now the Republicans have rewound the clock about three months. There are people out there thinking about running for governor that are maybe going to throw their name in.”

Those names could include former Marine Eric Greitens and former senate candidate John Brunner, among others.

Remember the primary isn’t until next August, and a lot can happen between now and then, and if the primary is a crowded one, Hancock says that’s fine by him.

“In my capacity as party chair, if we’re going to have a primary, I’d rather have 3 or 4 candidates in there because that does change the tenor of the debate.”

You can hear more about the governor’s race, the fallout from the Ferguson report, and much more on Hancock and Kelley on Sunday morning at 830 on FOX 2.

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