Ron Brockmeyer resigns prosecutorial position in Florissant

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Ron Brockmeyer.

FLORISSANT, MO (KPLR) – A key figure in the controversial Ferguson justice system who resigned amid criticism from the Department of Justice is slowly withdrawing from his posts in other municipalities as well.

On Thursday, the mayor of Florissant said he received and accepted Ron Brockmeyer’s resignation as city prosecutor.

Brockmeyer was hired as Florissant city prosecutor in 2002. Hisresignation is effective immediately.

In a statement to the media, Mayor Thomas Schneider praised Brockmeyer’s “years of dedication and service” to the community and called his resignation an “unselfish” act.

‘‘Mr. Brockmeyer is a decorated Vietnam veteran who was seriously wounded in battle and awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart answering the nation’s call to duty … As he did in Vietnam, he has again placed the best interest and well-being of others ahead of his own personal benefit,” Schneider said.

Brockmeyer had taken a leave of absence prior to his resignation in Florissant.

On Monday, Brockmeyer resigned from the Ferguson Municipal Court, after the DoJ’s report claimed he was a major revenue generator for the city, bringing in millions of dollars in fines and fees, all while dismissing tickets for friends and himself. In the interim, Judge Roy Richter from the Missouri Court of Appeals has been assigned to the St. Louis County Circuit Court, where he’ll hear all pending Ferguson Municipal Court.

Brockmeyer had served in Dellwood, a neighboring municipality, until resigning Monday.

As of Thursday, he remains a judge in the Breckenridge Hills court system.

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