The Duke’s Men of Yale perform in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - On Monday morning Christian Probst is singing the praises of his prep school, while singing some songs with his college classmates.

“This is so weird to have my friends from college singing on the high school stage I've performed at for 12 summers and it's so weird to have them here," says Christian Probst, Tenor.

The theater and economics double major at Yale has collected his classmates at his St. Louis University High alma mater.

"So we're an accapella group which means we don't use any instruments," says Solon Snider.  "We're an all male group.  It's 15 guys singing bass and tenor."

The groups of freshmen, sophomores and juniors have journeyed to St. Louis for a performance and nationwide tour.

"We're staying in Christians house for most of this tour which is awesome to get to know his family and stuff," says Mack Ramsden, a baritone singer and business manager from Yale.  "It's just really nice to show the group like your spot in the world and also for the group to see where you came from and where you grew up."

Singing the oldest form of music including all kinds of genres, today's tune is by Rhianna called "Umbrella."

This gleeful group that first formed in 1952, call themselves the Duke's Men of Yale, and why not?

"His name was Basil Duke Henning and he called the group the Duke's Men and that's how the group was founded," says Snider.

Probst played Flounder on the Disney national tour of 'The Little Mermaid.'

However, he flourished on the Muny stage, with Stages Theatre, and Variety the Children's Charity.

"For the last two weeks of finals, not the best time to be doing this, I commuted back and forth to New York and New Haven during exams and rehearsing during the weekdays," says Probst.

The group hopes to continue their calling for creative harmony.

"There's something to be said about having those independent experiences and having those memories," says Ramsden.  "But there's something so much better sharing it not only with another group of people but with your best friends.  So we're very lucky."

And that's a pretty decent umbrella to share.

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