BBB warns job seekers about potential employment scam

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - The Better Business Bureau wants to know if it’s a case of good intentions gone awry or a potential scam.

BBB investigator Bill Smith has talked with several people who have concerns over employment promises that never panned out.  They were told they would be working for a shelter helping endangered women.

Smith says a photo of the shelter turned out to be a building in north St. Louis where no shelter exists.

“It looks like at this point that these jobs don’t exist, and the facility doesn’t exist,” said Smith.

He said the group in question calls itself, “I Am My Sister’s Keeper.”  We tried reaching the leader of the group but have been unsuccessful.

“Her name is Bella Beaudreux,” said Smith.  “She said that she’s been abused, so it’s a fictitious name that she uses.”

Job seekers turned over social security numbers and driver license numbers over with the promise of employment.  Some of them are worried about what’s being done with that information.

Smith says the group’s website contained false claims it was affiliated with the United Way.  He says the site also contained questionable testimonials from previous clients.

“It didn’t make a lot of sense because everybody was saying this was a facility that had not yet been open,” said Smith.

The site was taken down shortly after the BBB questioned those claims.

The BBB warns job seekers to make sure they are dealing with a legitimate business before turning over personal information.

BBB warning on I Am My Sister’s Keeper


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