Alton convent to auction off religious artifacts

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SHIPMAN, IL (KPLR) - On Tuesday a big auction is taking place at Harman`s Auction Center in Shipman where a group FOF religious artifacts are going up on the auction block. Auctioneer Michael Harman says he was commissioned to clear the convent and gather the merchandise for sale.  Items from the Ursuline Infirmary and Convent in Alton include everything from pianos, painting, pews and statues. A popcorn machine and generators from the 27-acre property on Danforth Street are also on the list.

'We have a French made nickel statue here of Mother Mary on a solid granite base. Were just doing this as a special sale because of the antique value and the collector values some may just want a piece because they went to school there." Said Harman

FOX 2 spoke to Sister Susan Kiezler by phone; she says the Alton convent has been active since 1859.  It recently closed because they could no longer afford to run the infirmary to care for 35 sisters. Some of whom are now their 80's and 90's. The sisters are also known as teachers with strong ties to the community. 'The money will come back to the Ursuline community to the sisters to help take care of the sisters.' Said Kiezler.

The property on Danforth Street should be up for sale by the end of the year.

Ursuline Infirmary and Convent auction by Harman’s