Avian Influenza found at Missouri turkey farm

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ASBURY, MO (KPLR) – Sunday officials at the Missouri Department of Agriculture announced that a strain of avian influenza has been found at a turkey farm near Carthage, MO. Preliminary tests show the strain at another facility in Fortuna in Moniteau County. The strain of avian influenza H5N2 is the same strain that has occurred in Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Officials say the strain of avian influenza is not a threat to public health and the food supply.

Following procedure, the agriculture department has quarantined the facilities where the virus has been detected. Turkeys believed to have been infected by the virus will be destroyed, to prevent them for entering the food chain.

While virus is not considered dangerous to humans, workers at the facilities will be monitored by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

The USDA is sending an incident management team to Missouri to assist agriculture department to contain and eliminate virus.

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Avian Influenza

Missouri Department of Agriculture Press Release

Ashbury, MO

Fortuna, MO