Michael Brown’s parents to file wrongful death lawsuit against Ferguson, Darren Wilson

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)- The parents of Michael Brown Jr. have made plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Ferguson and former Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson. Attorneys for the family, Anthony D. Gray and Daryl D. Parks addressed the media Thursday morning during a news conference that took place at the Greater St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church.

Michael Brown's parents, Michael Brown Sr. and Leslie McSpadden were present.

According to Gray, they "obviously disagree" with the findings from the Department of Justice's investigation citing the same systematic issues taking place in Ferguson existed during the August 9, 2014 shooting.

Their plan is to demonstrate in a court of law, to “reasonably minded people,” that officer Wilson’s choice to use deadly force was unreasonable an unnecessary.

According to the attorneys, the lawsuit will be filed soon.