Teen accused of encouraging boyfriend’s suicide

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PLAINVILLE, MA – An 18-year-old Massachusetts man took his own life in the parking lot of a k-mart.

Now his former girlfriend is being charged with pushing him to do it.

Joy Lim Nakrin reports.

This was 18-year-old Conrad Roy, the day he graduated Old Rochester Regional High…a day his family believed he had a bright future ahead.

(Janice Roy/Conrad’s Grandmother) “Any grandparent is proud of their grandchildren but he was special.”

But soon that summer it would abruptly end…in suicide.

(Janice Roy/Conrad’s grandmother) “I feel like we are reliving this whole thing over again but it’s much worse now”

Now prosecutors say Conrad’s girlfriend Michelle Carter pushed him to take his life. We asked the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office about her charge of involuntary manslaughter.

(Gregg Mililote/Bristol County DA Spokesperson) “Instead of attempting to assist him or notify a school official, school counselor or anyone Miss Carter is alleged to have strongly influence decision to take his own life.”

According to court documents, Roy drove his truck to this Fairhaven Kmart with a gas generator last July, filling it with carbon monoxide. Then court paper work shows he texted carter telling her he’d gotten out of the truck and wasn’t sure he should do it. That’s when prosecutors say she told him quote- get back in.

(Janice Roy/Conrad’s Grandmother) “If she really loved him as she said she did, why didn’t she try to persuade him not to.”

By phone we talked to carter’s defense attorney.

(Voice of: Carter’s Defense attorney) “It is outrageous for the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office to now criminalize this situation.”

Carter posted these messages on social media, organizing a fundraiser for mental health & suicide awareness in of Conrad Roy… Leaving his family with even more questions.

(Janice Roy/Conrad’s Grandmother) “Everyday you wake up and think why why why.”

Carter will be tried as an adult.

She was released on bond and ordered to stay off social media.

If convicted, she could face 20 years in prison.