‘Parks and Rec’ finale is a treat for fans

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(CNN) — If fans were looking for a happy ending for (almost) all their favorite characters on Tuesday night’s series finale of “Parks and Recreation,” they got just what they wanted.

As the team planned to go their separate ways, viewers got a look into each character’s future.

Donna started a foundation after checking off everything on her bucket list; Craig found love with Ron’s barber; Jean-Ralphio went on the run after faking his death; April and Andy had kids; Tom wrote a popular book about all his failures; Gary was mayor of Pawnee for decades before dying on his 100th birthday; Ron was put in charge of his own national park.

And what about Ben and Leslie? They were both offered the chance to run for governor of Indiana at a party at the Bidens’ home (hello, cameo!).

In this flash-forward, they were reunited with the old gang once more, including Chris and Ann (it felt good to hear Chris say “literally” again).

Another flash-forward showed that Leslie served two terms as governor (and Gary’s funeral implied that either she or Ben became president).

The narrative device insured that we all knew where their lives ended up and tied it all up with a bow — though it pretty much eliminated the chance of any kind of reunion.

Despite her worries about leaving her friends, Leslie said “I’m ready” to face the future as the series signed off (along with a tribute to late producer Harris Wittels).

The show’s finale was widely praised on social media and may someday rank as one of the best finales of all time.

Twitter fans were touched and impressed with how it ended up.

There was also plenty of discussion on social media about #WafflesAcrossAmerica, as the show frequently had characters gathered at JJ’s Diner, where they would enjoy the breakfast staple.

By Henry Hanks