Woman who says she was raped by police officer in training, talks

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - FOX 2 was the first to report about a licensed officer previously accused of drugging and raping women according to police investigation reports. Now a woman who says she was a victim too, talks. She's not the only person coming forward with new allegations.

The woman and another individual, say they met Steve Blakeney at about the same time police were investigating him Blakeney for reported rapes in 2006. Their investigative records show that a police academy trainer told the investigators that Blakeney had "sociopathic behavior."

The woman was too afraid to identify herself on television. She said, “I believed he used drugs because I completely blacked out.”

The other individual, who has also come forward, a man, remembers yet another woman. He said she was “scared, mad and had no clue why she was there.”

They both say they met Steve Blakeney more than a decade ago, after his second failed attempt to graduate a police academy. The woman said, "I didn't think anybody would actually let him be a police officer."

2006 St. Charles County Police reports, obtained by the FOX Files, document allegations by other women who told police in that Blakeney drugged and raped them the same year.

The woman, who asked not to be identified in our report, said she was afraid to tell police at the time. She explained, "He made it clear that he could make my life a living hell."

She said she blacked out and Blakeney raped her. She added, "In the morning he told me I had just drank too much, but it wasn’t something normal to just black out completely like that and not remember anything."

The 2006 St. Charles County Police reports quote a manager at Hrabosky’s telling police that "It is well known in the bar industry that Blakeney had drugged and raped many other girls." According to the records, this was during a period of time in which Blakeney was trying to graduate a police academy and also working at Hrabosky's.

Michael Filius says he remembers another woman in a vehicle driven by Blakeney. Filius said, “Her dress had been pulled up and she was laying in a position that I don’t think any woman would want to be laying.”

Filius says it happened more than ten years ago, when he worked with Blakeney at Hartmann’s Towing. He said Blakeney wasn’t answering calls and had to be tracked by the tow truck’s GPS.

Filius said, “I headed down to the location and I found the truck, except he wasn't in it and someone else was. I had a woman who was in and out of consciousness.”

He added, “She wanted out. She didn’t trust me. She didn’t want the police.”

Neither woman filed a police report, nor did Filius, at the time. Blakeney was never prosecuted after the 2006 St. Charles County investigations. According to those investigative records, he was dismissed from the St. Louis Police Academy and the Eastern Missouri Academy in St. Peters, but later graduated from Southeastern Missouri`s academy in Cape Girardeau. That led to an approximate five year stint with the Pine Lawn Police Department, where Blakeney was promoted to commander of the department.

Last November, Pine Lawn’s city manager released a statement saying Blakeney’s termination last fall was based on November 2014 reports of two women waking up in his home after blacking out. In January of this year, Blakeney filed a $5 million dollar wrongful termination lawsuit against the Pine Lawn. In the suit, he claimed he was fired because he was an informant for the FBI in a federal case against the mayor. Also in that law suit, he denied doing anything inappropriate with women.

Blakeney told FOX 2 that Filius’ claim is manufactured and he suggested FOX 2 ask Hartmann’s Towing about the allegation of a woman in his truck. After three calls to Hartmann’s, a spokesman said, “We’ve got nothing to say about nothing.”

Regarding the woman’s claim of rape, Blakeney said “I never have committed any sexual misconduct with any woman. I have never drugged anyone.”

At least four different agencies are investigating Blakeney about all of these allegations raised in this FOX Files report and the previous reports, below.

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