Preparing roads for heavy snowfall

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - MoDOT predicts road conditions in St. Louis will turn treacherous Monday. Snow is one thing, but the bitterly cold temperatures will leave ice melting materials just about useless, according to MoDOT.

“Make sure you’re planning to at least double your commute time,” said MoDOT’s Becky Allmeroth.

She said MoDOT will focus more on plowing and less on putting down chemicals.

“We have over 210 truck outs and it’s going to be plows down all night,” said Allmeroth. “We’re not going to be spreading a lot of salt. It would be useless in these temperatures that are going to be so low.”

MoDOT will also use a giant snow blower in places where sound walls leave crews little room to plow snow. The snow blower will move the snow into trucks that will haul it away. Allmeroth said MoDOT’s St. Louis District has one blower. A 2nd snow blower from the northwest part of the state will arrive late Sunday night.

The snow blowers will be used along the Page Avenue Extension and parts of Interstate 64. Allmeroth said some of MoDOT’s equipment is as wide as 30 feet. She hopes drivers will stay behind plows and give MoDOT crews room to do their jobs.

“This going to be a really treacherous storm,” said Allmeroth. “We are not going to have the roads cleaned off that quickly. With temperatures being as low as they could go, we really think we are going to be fighting this storm into Tuesday.”

MoDOT recommends drivers check the agencies road conditions map at

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