Woman high on unknown drug calls 911 for ride

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LUFKIN, TX (KETK) — A Lufkin woman was booked into jail Wednesday morning for allegedly calling 911 for a ride while high on an unknown intoxicant.

According to the Lufkin Police Department, at 1 a.m., dispatchers received a call from a woman who reportedly needed a ride. An officer responded to the corner of Champions and Columbia Court. The woman, later identified as 25-year-old Hannah Blackwell, was eventually found on the 2500 block of McCall Drive.

When the officer pulled up to the woman with her on the right side of his patrol car, she told the officer through his window that she needed a ride to a friend’s house on Chestnut and hopped into the vehicle’s front passenger side without permission. Blackwell then claimed she had been abandoned at a Walmart by a man who was stalking her.

The woman said she had planned on walking to her mother-in-laws, but had grown tired and could only call 911 because her cellphone was not activated. During this time, the officer noticed the woman’s words were hard to understand, and she was animated in her story-telling.

At one point, Blackwell laid down in the seat and the officer attempted to call numbers of friends she had provided, but none were successful. Follwing the calls, the officer asked the suspect to step out of the vehicle and attempted to perform a sobriety test on her. He noticed in the exam that she had glassy eyes and exhibited other signs of intoxication.

She then asked the officer to call her husband to come get her. The policeman attempted to contact him and was told by the mother-in-law they would not pick her up, due to a pending divorce.

Blackwell told the officer she was going to walk to her mother-in-law’s home to get a ride to a Quality Inn where she had a room for the night. Fearing for her safety and others, the officer arrested the woman for public intoxication and took her to the Angelina County Jail.

She was released from jail on $500 bond.

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