Parents outraged over attacks at McKinley High School

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – A second 16-year-old McKinley High School student says she was threatened last Friday and was part of a hit list. She says she gave the principal information on everyone involved before an attack later in the day.

"I gave him the list from what I saw in the cafeteria on Friday. I said these are the people threatening me and my friends who are being threatened. I couldn't believe a fight was going to happen instead of me going to class."

The threat, an attack on a friend caught on camera and online taunts led to outrage from parents like Nana Williams and Tracy Peoples.

"I do expect the school board to follow the school safety act and provide all children a safe environment." said Williams

"I'm no longer interested in sending my child to the school she won't be going back." said Peoples

Two of them met with attorneys and made 5 demands of the district including, having the principal removed, the students transferred and a revamping of the districts bullying policies. Attorney's Eric Vickers and Randall Cahill say changes need to be made.

"The school district has shown no urgency about this. They just want to sweep this under the rug." Said Vickers

"There were more than 50 students in the hall at 7 o'clock on Friday, they threatened a parent." Said Cahill

On Tuesday, News 11 contacted St.  Louis City Schools about recent developments and there was no further comment. However, on Monday officials did say the name of the attacked student was not given to the principal. They also said the districts security team is investigating and students involved in the fight would be disciplined.  There's also word that a third teen on the hit list was recently threatened. At this point attorneys say the district has 72-hours to respond or their next stop is a federal or state court.


  • Removal of principal of McKinley School
  • Refer for prosecution students involved in attack
  • Transfer of victim of assault and any other students fearing for their safety to a comparable school.
  • Counseling for victim and parent of victim and any other student emotionally impacted by the incident.
  • Revamping of school board policy with respect to handling fights and threats of fights.

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