Lucky kitten down to 8 lives after hitching epic crosstown ride

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CHANDLER, AZ (KPHO) — A kitten is down one of its nine lives after hitching a crosstown ride on a car’s tailpipe.
Dan Foley was driving on State Route 51 near Bethany Home Road on Sunday when he spotted the tiny black kitten strolling down the carpool lane.

Foley said he stopped and tried to catch the kitty, but she skittered away. He checked around his car, but the kitten had vanished. Or so he thought.

It wasn’t until Foley was back at his Chandler home – an hour away from where he saw the kitten – that he realized he’d unwittingly picked up a little hitchhiker.

Foley’s 14-year-old daughter, Amanda, heard the kitten meowing and discovered the stowaway in a crevice above the tailpipe of her dad’s car.

“I could not believe it,” Foley said.

“We named her Chance because it’s a miracle,” Amanda said. “I’m surprised she survived. It gets hot in there – very hot.”

Foley said Chance was scared at first, but once she calmed down, she seemed no worse for her epic adventure.

Foley believes Chance is about 4 weeks old. Amanda said the playful little furball loves to be held.

The Foleys are now searching for a home for Chance. They already have received several calls from people who want to adopt the adventurous kitten.

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