Chesterfield artist studio goes into foreclosure

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KPLR) – A Chesterfield-based sculptor whose work is known nationally, is trying to save his longtime studio and home lost in a foreclosure.

Don Wiegand got into financial trouble in 2009 after fighting to save his studio from being demolished as part of a floodwall project in the Chesterfield Valley.

At the time, he was already in financial straits after starting and personally funding two separate patriotic awards programs.

Then the recession hit and people stopped buying art.

In 2012, he fell so far behind on his mortgage, the bank foreclosed on the property. This past summer, he had to move out when the property was put up for sale.

Now, fellow artists are hoping to raise enough money to buy back the building before it is sold to a developer.

'Unfortunately, I hate to say it is probably going to get leveled and we don`t need another strip mall,' Wiegand said.

The studio was often used as a space for public art events, so Wiegand is hoping perhaps a local university might be interested in saving the building for educational purposes, while allowing him to continue using it for his sculpting.

'I want to pay the bank, I don`t want anyone to get hurt, I want to pay my bills and that is what I am trying to do,' Wiegand said.