Goodell: ‘We want all of our franchises to stay in their current markets’

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PHOENIX, AZ - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell does not believe it is a foregone conclusion that the St. Louis Rams are bound for Los Angeles after the 2015 season, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

In his ‘State of the League’ address on Friday before the Super Bowl, Goodell held court to answer questions on a variety of topics from reporters. Post-Dispatch football reporter Jim Thomas asked a pair of questions regarding the Rams’ potential for relocation: the first about St. Louis’ endeavor to build a new stadium, and a follow-up query about owner Stan Kroenke’s seemingly apparent desire to move the franchise.

In answering the first question, the commissioner said the league wants all of its teams to stay where they are, adding that the league has stadium funding programs to help cover the financial responsibility of building new stadium.

Goodell seemed pleased by the city’s initiative to build its own riverfront stadium.

"That's a positive development and something we look forward to working on with them,” he said.

When asked about the possibility of Kroenke “going rogue” and moving the Rams to Los Angeles anyway, Goodell stressed that any relocation is subject to a vote by the 32 owners, and that 24 owners must approve said move.

You can watch Goodell's press conference in its entirety below.  We have it cued up to Jim Thomas' questions.