Ohio teen collects jeans for homeless

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(OHIO) - An Ohio teenager is working hard to earn extra money to pay for college.

You could say she's flying by the seat of her pants.

But only if those pants are jeans.

Reporter Brittany Harris explains.

(Abby Ramirez/Collecting Jeans for Scholarship Contest): "people are dropping them off. I'm picking them up."

Abby Ramirez has been doing a lot of folding lately.

She's collecting jeans for a contest.

(Abby Ramirez/Collecting Jeans for Scholarship Contest): "I’m doing a scholarship for "Teens for Jeans". What it is I have to collect as many gently used jeans as possible and whoever wins gets a ten thousand dollar scholarship and the school gets a five thousand dollar grant."

Ramirez found out about "Teens for Jeans" online.

She says it seemed like a fun challenge.

So here's how it works... She has to round up as many pairs of jeans as possible.

And turn them in to Aeropostale by February 15th.

They'll sort through them. And then distribute them to homeless shelters around the country.

(Abby Ramirez/collecting jeans for scholarship contest): "I have 205 and then I have many more coming."

Ramirez is a senior at Elyria high school right now.

She's pretty involved there.

She's a member of the national honor society and a soccer player.

(Abby Ramirez/Collecting Jeans for Scholarship Contest): "I’m going to Cleveland State to play soccer so hopefully that money can go towards my schooling there and help me out a lot."

Last year's winner had gathered more than three-thousand pairs.

Ramirez hopes to beat that.

(Abby Ramirez/Collecting Jeans for Scholarship Contest): "My goal is five thousand, so hopefully people will contact me and give me plenty of jeans."

And speaking of donations, she's getting more and more by the day.

Family, friends and other students all want to chip in.

Ramirez says it's been great.

(Abby Ramirez/Collecting Jeans for Scholarship Contest): "If I don't win, all these jeans I’m gathering are going to go to a good cause and that's a good thing about it. I just want to be able to give back to my community before I leave and hopefully it works out."

In Elyria. Brittany Harris.


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