Arnold woman attacked on Walmart parking lot

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ARNOLD, MO (KPLR) – A brave grandmother fought off a criminal in a Walmart parking lot.  He and his three accomplices are still on the loose.

The attack happened around 6:45 pm Monday night in the back of the parking lot, near a retaining wall.  The victim's niece, Danielle McCoy, works at the Arnold Walmart.  During her Monday shift, she started hearing rumors of an attack in their parking lot.  She was shocked to find out the victim was her aunt; Danielle had just seen her family in the store moments earlier.  She says, "I didn't know it was her at first until I got on my break, and called my mom. She let me know everything that was going on."

According to Arnold police, the 52-year old woman was putting her shopping cart back when a young man wearing a gray hoodie came up from behind her.

Police say he tried to grab her purse, but she grabbed his shirt, knocking him to the ground. He hit his face on the concrete, but did manage to get away with her purse, which was mostly empty.  Most of the contents had spilled out during the struggle.

Danielle is proud that her aunt defended herself. She says, "He did not hurt her at all. She kind of hurt him.  She's a tiny woman, but she can kick some butt."

The suspect hopped into a car with two men and a woman, then sped away, south on Jeffco Boulevard.  None are in custody at this point.

Police say there is grainy surveillance footage, but authorities know the identity of at least one of the suspects, regardless.  He'd been inside Walmart moments earlier, making a return.

Police believe this was a random attack.

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