Police: Serial Burglar behind bars

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SOUTH ROXANA, IL (KPLR) - Police in South Roxana, Illinois said they've put a serial burglar behind bars. Chrissy Little is a victim of burglary.  Little said, "I would not go on somebody's else's property and take their things and I would hope that nobody would do that to me but they did. What can you do.?

Thieves got into her shed and took things like law equipment.

Police say Edward W. Kraut, Jr. has confessed to as many as 30 crimes in the South Roxana area.  So far he's charged with 4 counts of burglary and one of intent to commit burglary.

Police Sgt. David Davis said, "He definitely caused a lot of headaches."

Detectives said Kraut and another suspect stole from sheds and also went car hopping.

Davis described car hopping, "Go to a door try the handle on the door if it's unlocked they'll go onto another vehicle."

Police have recovered lawn equipment, GPS equipment, cell phones and expensive cameras.

South Roxana Police Chief Bob Coles said, "90 percent of our burglaries, like in most small towns, are unlocked cars. People feel safe and they don't lock their cars and that leads to these type of crimes."

Chief Coles is proud of his detectives and the solid police work that led to a break in the case.

Chrissy Little added, "I just assumed I'd never see my stuff again, that's what happens when you leave your doors unlocked."

The chief said suspect was stealing stuff and selling the items on the internet.  The money he received he used to pay his bills.

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