Police investigating break-in at shuttered Jamestown Mall

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NORTH COUNTY, MO (KTVI)- St. Louis County police are investigating an overnight burglary at Jamestown Mall in north St. Louis County. Authorities rushed to the scene after receiving a call from a security officer. This appears to be a case where a security guard was just doing his job and may have prevented something significant from happening.

Around 12:45a.m. police say a security guard was making his rounds walking inside the shutdown mall. He heard glass break by the old Macy`s store. When he got closer, he heard voices and saw several people inside the mall. At that point, the people ran back out of the mall and the security guard called county cops. Police responded and brought out a k-9. The k-9 searched inside the mall but didn`t find anything. It`s unclear how many people were in the mall. County police think they were only inside for a couple of minutes.

This story comes after YouTube video from inside the abandoned mall went viral. The video shows overgrown plants, debris and other items inside the shutdown facility. YouTube user 'Backyard Exploration' took the video. It was originally posted in December though it`s unclear when the footage was actually captured.

It was posted on fox2now.com on Saturday.

The person taking the video uses a flashlight and narrates his way through the mall. Jamestown Mall closed in July of last year after more than 40 years in business. The 1.2 million square foot space is located just off Lindbergh near Highway 367 in North County.

There is no word of any connection between the YouTube video and this morning`s incident.



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