High school coach suspended after 161-2 win

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According to ESPN, the head coach of a high school women’s basketball team in California has been suspended for two games following their 161-2 win. The game was the most lopsided victory in state history.

Arroyo Valley head coach Michael Anderson said he did not mean to run up the score against Bloomington High. At halftime, the score of the game was 104-1. When the teams returned to the floor, Arroyo Valley started their bench players. Anderson said he hoped that would make the game more even, but the bench players produced more than he had expected. One of the bench players was 8-of-9 behind the three-point line.

Bloomington head coach Dale Chung said Arroyo Valley used a “full court press” defense, a game plan that requires every defensive player to be on every offensive player the moment the ball is thrown in. Chung said that people should not feel sorry for his team, but rather Arroyo Valley’s team because they “are not learning to play the game the right way.”

This is not the first lopsided loss Bloomington has suffered this season. Before their game against Arroyo Valley, Bloomington lost four games by at least 70 points and one loss was by 91 points.

The high-scoring victory was not a first for Arroyo Valley. Anderson and his team have won 15 games, nine of which were by 50 points or more.

Despite Anderson being away from his team, the Arroyo Valley high scoring production resumed. They went on to beat their next opponent 89-19 on Jan. 14.  Anderson’s 19-year-old son, Nicholas Anderson, has taken over coaching responsibilities until his father’s suspension ends on Jan. 19.

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