Turkey’s cause commotion in Town & Country

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – Three turkeys caused quite a commotion Wednesday morning in Town and Country.

The turkeys startled a Charter cable worker who was making a service call on Glenmora near Clayton Road when they came toward him.

Town and Country police were even called in.

At one point, one of the turkeys actually jumped onto a police cruiser.

Turns out a family on the street has been taking care of the turkeys since last summer.

A family member came home during the situation, called the turkeys by their names-Timmy, Tommy and Tinker and the turkeys simply went back to the family`s home.

‘They`re great pets, obviously they`re very territorial so they want to kind of stay near us and always near the dogs, they love to play and interact with my kids and us and I don`t know, they won`t leave,’ said Stephanie O`Neal, one of turkeys` caregivers.

Police say nobody was hurt and no property was damaged.