How you can help find a missing child on Facebook

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ST LOUIS MISSOURI (  KPLR) -There's a new way you can help locate a missing child by simply checking Facebook.   The social media giant has joined forces with the  National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to send Amber Alerts in the area where a child has gone missing .

Facebook will tap it's 185 million  United States users to help  find and return  missing children  with a new initiative  to push amber alerts to it's popular social media news feed. The new program  was launched  this week . The program  will  focus  on certain areas  and the alerts will appear  in timelines of Facebook users  who are near the search area.

Christan Ferguson went  missing at the age of only 9 -years- old.  Ferguson  was last seen  in  June , 2003 In St. Louis Missouri . Ferguson's mother says  she happy about the  new   Facebook  feature and  it's  a game changer. " So this is a  way for those people that we may never come in to contact with . It's a way for them to keep a watch out, said Theda Wilson.

We all know we live in a world of social media  and one might consider Facebook as a Neighborhood Watch . The new program  on Facebook   will quickly release a child's photo  with a description and information one would need to help find the missing child. "When a person comes up missing,  It's so important that we move swiftly.   This will make the difference between  if you will have a positive or a negative outcome" said Wilson.  Facebook users will also be able to "share" the alert.