Santa helps soldier propose to girlfriend

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A wedding proposal just in time for Christmas by a soldier who couldn't make it home for the holidays.

Beth Sweeney shows us how Santa assisted in the surprise.

Santa fills all sorts of requests this time of year, but this one is a first.

Santa: "It's the first time I did it long distance, half a world away."

Half a world away is Sgt. Clint Underhill, who's serving in Afghanistan.  Clint says he knew he wanted to propose to his girlfriend Kimberly in time for Christmas, but needed a little help.

Clint: "I wanted to give Kimberly the proposal that she wanted.  i talked with her mom and that's pretty much how it all started."

So who better to fill in for Clint and pop the question?

Kimberly's mom: "I texted my husband and said Santa Claus at the mall."

Than Old St. Nick himself.

It took some coaxing from dad "She knew it was probably best just to sit in his lap than to battle me over it."

But Kimberly made her way to Santa, and the rest was captured by Mom on video.

Kimberly: "I told him I wanted my boyfriend to come home safe from Afghanistan and he pulled out flowers and got down on one knee and read the proposal that my boyfriend wrote to me.

Kimberly: "Definitely the best present I could ever ask for.  I'm so excited."

Kimberly and Clint now have some wedding planning to do.

"My nieces thought I was going to be Mrs. Claus when they saw the video so it was definitely amazing."

And Santa, she says, is at the top of the guest list.

Santa: "Are they going to have cookies along with the cake?"

Clint is set to return from Afghanistan from June.  As for a wedding date, Kimberly says they're working on it.