Pizza delivery driver robbed in Creve Coeur

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CREVE COEUR, MO (KPLR) – A pizza delivery driver was back at work Sunday night after police say he was robbed at gunpoint early that morning.  It happened at an apartment complex just off Olive Blvd. in Creve Coeur.

The driver, David, who asked that FOX 2 use his first name only, works at the Imo's on Olive, just west of I-270.

David says he was making a delivery, just before 1 am Sunday morning, to the 1100 block of Breakwater Way, in the Vicino on the Lake apartment complex.  When he pulled up, he heard someone running towards him. He turned around, and the person punched him in the neck, knocking him down.

Two other men approached, asking for money, and pointing a gun.

The thieves took his wallet, along with the pizza.  David says the suspects are three young black males.  One was wearing a black jacket, and another was wearing a white hoodie.  The victim suffered minor injuries from the blow, but hours later, he was back at work.  He says he's not worried, because it's generally a very safe area, but he does feel it's a shame that delivery drivers seem to be targeted.

The victim explains, "We're easy targets I think. We have money on us, and even if it's not a whole lot, and really it's not a whole lot, but they target us because there's no security cameras, no witnesses, no nothing."

The victim is working as a delivery driver, while he's working on his pilot's license, and studying engineering at a local college.

Creve Coeur police are still investigating.​

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