Citizen describes chasing down Antonio Martin after a 2013 crime

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BERKELEY, MO (KPLR) - Court records show the man shot and killed in the December 23rd Berkeley Police shooting served jail time when he was 17.

Berkeley Police arrested him in May for armed criminal action, but that case is still under review at the St. Louis County Prosecutor's Office.

Antonio D Martin pleaded guilty twice, for lesser crimes.  One plea involved a crime he committed just four days after his 17th birthday, a misdemeanor assault.  The report says Martin and another person attacked someone in front of a Job Corp teacher.  Less than a month later, the 17 year the admitted he stole from a woman eating outside of Mariachi`s II restaurant on Gravois.  Martin spent a total of 30 days in jail for both crimes.

Fredy Guijosa, of Mariachi`s, remembers seeing Martin and another man walk into the restaurant, then leave and walk around outside.  Guijosa said the two guys ran off with a purse from one of his customers eating outside.  Guijosa and his brother ran after them.  He said they chased them for blocks, caught them, and held them until police arrived.

Guijosa said, 'We didn`t hit them or nothing like that, but he kept yelling, `I`m young. I`m young` because, I mean, I`m pretty sure he saw how upset I was and from there, we just held them down `till the cops came and they took care of the rest.'

Guijosa was stunned to hear that it involved the same person shot and killed during a confrontation with police.  Here`s what he said when I asked him about his and his brother`s decision to chase down the stealing suspects, 'It`s my business. Why let something like that happen here and my customers not be safe. That`s what really upset my brother and myself, that we`re here working hard and for somebody to come mess with our customers and take something of theirs, I didn`t like it.'

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