Kirkwood to ask voters to approve sales tax for fire, emergency medical services

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KIRKWOOD, MO (KTVI)- Kirkwood residents could soon be voting on a new sales tax in their city. FOX 2’s Rebecca Roberts joins us live from Kirkwood City Hall with the purpose of the sales tax hike. The cost of fire and emergency medical services are going up in Kirkwood. They now make up 60 percent of the total budget compared to 52 percent in 2008.

That`s why the Kirkwood City Council is considering a bill that would use a 0 .25 percent sales tax to help fund the city`s fire department. Passing the bill would bring the department about $1.1 million dollars per year in new revenue.

Out of all the cities in St. Louis County with municipal fire departments, right now, only Kirkwood and Glendale don`t use a sales tax to fund their fire departments.

The first reading of this sales tax bill was last week. The Kirkwood City Council should hold its final vote on the bill on January 8th. If it`s passed, it`ll go to voters on the April 7th election.