Good Samaritan ask News 11 to help return family pictures found on a street

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EDMUNDSON, MO (KPLR) - It's an amazing story of an early Christmas gift:  an Overland woman lost dozens of priceless family photos and didn't even know it.
She got her photos back thanks to the kindness of a stranger and Facebook.

Markelia McGruber-Ball of Edmundson found an SD memory card, getting out of her car at a friend's house in St. John.  She brought it to News 11 to see if we could help.

News 11 photographer, Brian Ledford, scanned the dozens files on it looking for clues: there was a group shot, seemingly of someone's family.  There were photos of someone trying on a wedding dress; a baby crib and a gorgeous baby girl, all from someone who obviously took a lot of pictures.

"I want to make sure I document everything and we have all of those precious moments and our wedding and our babies," said Joan Brantley, the woman who'd lost the SD card.

There were videos on it, too.

Luckily there was a photo of a newborn girl named Savannah in a bassinette at Mercy Hospital in 2012.

Her mother's maiden name was on an ID card in the bassinette and clearly visible in the photo.

News 11's Angie Mock looked up mom on Facebook.

Before we knew it Brantley was here at News 11 looking at forgotten photos from the times of life she'll never forget.

"I am so happy. I hope that makes your Christmas," McGruber-Ball told Brantley screeching with joy over the phone. "I'm so happy to get that to you."

"It did [make my Christmas]!" Brantley responded.  "It's [the card's] so small I can't believe you found it…oh my gosh, thank you so much!"

Since the photos were taken, Brantley got married and gave birth to a son, Silas, 2 months.

She's been taking a lot of photos but hasn't had much time to look at those from a couple of years ago and realize they were missing, as any new wife and mother can understand.

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