Brazen crime spree bandits still at-large

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) - St. Louis Metropolitan Police say it's not your typical crime.  Monday afternoon a 64-year-old woman was grabbed from a south St. Louis street.  She was near Hampton Ave. and Walsh St. when 3 suspects tied up her wrists and forced her into the back seat of her car.

"Her hands were tied and there was something restraining her in the face area around her mouth and her eyes.  She couldn't see with them," said Major Jerry Leyshock, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

The suspects then drove the car to Robinson Jewelry near Chippewa St. and Watson Rd.  Police say one of the suspects was dressed in full U.S. Army fatigues.  He was buzzed into the jewelry store, but then pulled out a handgun and ordered workers to buzz in his two accomplices.

Police say one of those two suspects was armed with a rifle and the other with a handgun. The suspects smashed glass cases in an attempt to steal jewelry.  Police are reviewing surveillance video, and hope someone recognizing the suspects will contact police.

"It looks like somebody is armed with a hammer or an ax and tried to break at least one of the glass counters to try to get the property," said Leyshock.

The suspects left before they could take anything.  The store owner was outside and fired at least one warning shot.

"With the shots fired, they didn't want to stick around to see what else he was selling," said Leyshock.

The suspects left and drove to an alley near Lindenwood Park where they abandoned their vehicle.  The female victim was able to untie one of her wrists and break free.  She ran to a nearby business and called 911.  Police say she was not injured.

Police found blood inside the stolen car.  They say it's possible one of the suspects was wounded.  They say it's also possible a suspect was cut by broken glass during the attempted robbery.

Leyshock said he believes this crime is, "solvable."  He encourages anyone with information to call Crimestoppers at 1-866-371-TIPS.  Tipsters can remain anonymous.​

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