Bold carjacking leads to kidnapping and smash & grab

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – St. Louis Metropolitan Police are investigating a carjacking and kidnapping that happened during a robbing spree in South St. Louis.

It began when three men reportedly carjacked, robbed and kidnapped a 64-year-old woman near Hampton and Walsh.

Police say they robbed her and taped her with duct tape, including her face.  Witnesses say two of the three men had guns and one carried an assault rifle.  The suspects then drove the kidnapped victim to Robinson`s Jewelry on Watson and Chippewa, where a store owner fired at one of the suspects.  Detectives talked to witnesses inside Robinson`s.

A jeweler reported one man was in a camouflage jacket and carrying a gun.  Inside the store we could see broken display cases and a hammer on the floor.

The carjacking victim was reportedly inside her car the entire time.  Though her face was taped, she reported to police that she heard a shot. The three men then drove several blocks down a side street and ditched the car in an alley between Bancroft and Winona.  The victim reportedly freed herself and called for help.  Police have not reported her condition.

Detectives and crime scene techs collected evidence, where it appears one of the suspects left a major clue.  They reportedly found blood in the car.  It`s not clear if the blood is related to the shooting at Robinson`s Jewelry, but police believe it`s the blood of a suspect.

St. Louis Metropolitan Police say they`re looking for three black men, two armed including one man reported to be in complete military fatigues including the hat. One of the other robbers reportedly wore a skeleton mask.