Spa offers new “Beer Bath” treatment

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BOCA RATON - A Florida spa owner is calling her new treatment the fountain of youth.

It's a beer bath.

Erin Guy has the details on how it works.

This is the new treatment at Maui Spa in Boca Raton.

Gayle Wentworth/Maui Spa Owner "You can see results, pretty much from the first time."

It's a beer bath...

Gayle Wentworth/Maui Spa Owner "The ingredients of the beer, how they make beer is what we put in the beer bath."

Spa owner Gayle Wentworth says she can't share the secret recipe... And she says the copper tub... Well, it's not just for looks.

Gayle Wentworth/Maui Spa Owner "The copper bath, it balances out the positive and negative ions in our own bodies."

Wentworth says this treatment has been around for centuries in Europe... Just  new here in south Florida.

She promises for $80, 50 minutes treatment... Part sauna part beer bath... With lasting results.

Gayle Wentworth/Maui Spa Owner "It detoxifies and purifies your body.  It exfoliates and hydrates your skin.  It also makes your hair shiny and silky."

She says it's relaxing too... There is not just a bath... There's a beer face scrub... And beer body wrap... Buy why choose these beer treatments?

Gayle Wentworth/Maui Spa Owner "It's good for insomnia, it's good for irritability.  It's great for acne.  It's also great for any skin lesions.  It feels soft forever."

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