Rams fans worried over future of team in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KPLR) – This weekend NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced there will be no NFL Team in Los Angeles when the 2015 football season starts.

The news was met with cautious optimism from Rams fans hoping their team will stay in St. Louis.  If Rams owner Stan Kroenke decides to move the franchise there are still hurdles he would need to climb.  His fellow owners must approve the move with a two-thirds majority vote.  There is also a hefty relocation fee for any move.

“Jeff Fisher is a great coach. We have a good concept going on right now,” said Rams fan David Penny.   He believes fan support in St. Louis is stronger than in Los Angeles.

“The loyalty base in Los Angeles will not be the same as it is in St. Louis,” predicts Penny.

Younger football fans in St. Louis know the city as an NFL town.  The Rams left Los Angeles after the 1994 season.

“We grew up with some great Rams teams,” said Tommy Holaway.  “The fans base here is a lot younger and lot more vibrant in St. Louis than in L.A.”

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